12 Conclusions for ENFP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility Male & Female

12 Conclusions for ENFP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility Male & Female

Exploring compatibility between Myers-Briggs personality types is an exciting pursuit, particularly when the two personalities involved are such a great match. ENFP and INFJ personality types make an excellent pair and are featured often as couples in popular fiction. Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin in Harry Potter, or Bobby Hill and Connie Souphanousinphone from King of the Hill are great examples. Let’s explore more about these personality types and what makes their relationship a compatible match.


ENFPs are the fun, popular, life-of-the-party types who love to build connections with everyone around them. They are warm, caring, and tuned in to the needs of others. They know how to relax and have fun, but they also know when to buckle down and focus on the task at hand.

INFJs are creative, passionate, and generally very focused on achieving their goals. They are versatile and flexible but hold on tightly to their core values. INFJs will have “dealbreakers” that can derail a relationship but are open-minded and thoughtful regarding other subjects.

12 Conclusions for ENFP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility

Watch out! Sparks are going to fly when these two meet! ENFPs will draw attention from those around them. They will catch the eye of anyone around them who is seeking a connection.

INFJs are introverted but have some extroverted tendencies. People with this personality don’t enjoy being the center of attention. However, they won’t be shy when approaching the charismatic ENFP at the end of the bar.

Both personality types aren’t shy when it comes to meeting new people, and they both seek to build connections from the get-go.

ENFPs and INFJs thrive in relationships that are built on emotional connections. ENFPs are interested in getting to know their partners on a deeper level as soon as possible. INFJs take a little longer to warm up and let someone in, but they are very focused on building that emotional connection once they do.

Strong relationships are often built on a good emotional connection, and these two personality types will build that foundation early.

Meaningful conversations are what ENFPs look for in a relationship. They are interested in developing connections through dialogue. They are happy to discuss any topic but thrive when the subjects are intellectual, personal, and profound.

Similarly, INFJs dislike shallow small talk. While they might hesitate to go deep and personal right away, they will be happy to dive right in once they get to know their partner a little bit.

In a relationship, communication between an ENFP and INFJ will not be an issue. They will enjoy lots of stimulating conversation.

Even though ENFPs can be overthinkers and can get emotional, they can rely on their INFJ partner to stand by them and work through a solution.

Likewise, INFJs can take criticism too much to heart and tend to fixate on imperfections. Luckily, their warm, positive, caring partner can help them work through those feelings and resolve the conflicts.

Both ENFPs and INFJs are intuitive, feeling personalities. This will help them when it comes to conflicts in the relationship. They can empathize with their partner and have the communication skills needed to work through most minor conflicts.

For ENFPs, life is about the journey and the connections they build along the way – not necessarily all about the destination. They can see the “big picture” and work Love ru sign in towards it, but they are happy to explore more about the people who join them along the way.

Quite the opposite, INFJs are all about the “big picture.” These personalities will lock on to a goal and focus on it to a fault.

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