His flashbacks tell you his first interviewing his you to true love, Drusilla, and exactly how people Angel and Darla entered him or her

His flashbacks tell you his first interviewing his you to true love, Drusilla, and exactly how people Angel and Darla entered him or her

“Fool to possess Like” is the 7th bout of the fresh fifth season out-of Buffy the Vampire Slayer additionally the eighty-fifth episode of brand new collection. Written by Douglas Petrie and you can brought of the Nick into WB community.

Outline [ ]

ANGEL, DRUSILLA And you will DARLA HAUNT SPIKE’S Memories – In an effort to realize about slayers’ latest matches, Buffy forces Increase so you can recount how he had been able to kill several slayers. [1]

Conclusion [ ]

During the a consistent patrol in the cemetery, Buffy matches having a vampire. Buffy has got the higher hand, but once she efforts this lady destroying strike, the fresh new vampire turns the girl risk as much as for her, and this woman is stabbed on instinct. She tries to flee, it is cornered, and vampire, wielding the woman risk, is just about to wind up the lady away from, however, Riley appears at that moment and you may matches your off prior to attending pick to Buffy.

Next morning, Riley patches upwards Buffy’s stab injury; brand new uncomfortable circumstances off almost becoming slain of the a diminished vamp along with her very own stake is not lost for her and you may leads Buffy to anxiety you to definitely she is generally dropping the woman line even with Riley’s encouragement. While Riley means she go to the hospital, Buffy seems it could only troubled the woman mother, and her increased healing abilities commonly kick in at some point. Dawn is available in to inform her or him Joyce is coming up, compelling Riley and you will Buffy to full cover up the fresh gauze and you will scientific offers they were using. Joyce notices a container regarding rubbing alcoholic beverages and you may requires if they is disinfecting anything, prompting Start to say this are hers. Buffy requires Riley for taking other gang in order to sweep the fresh new cemetery you to definitely evening.

Meanwhile, Buffy, rattled shortly after almost becoming killed even with increased the woman training, really does look with Giles to ascertain exactly how earlier in the day Slayers passed away and you will exactly what it are one to generated the last matches unique, but they are not able to look for people tips, mostly because past Audiences both located the niche too fantastically dull otherwise have been killed using their Slayers. Giles cards one to unfortunately it seems there isn’t any one to remaining whom has actually experienced an effective Slayer’s last competition, however Buffy knows she understands somebody who can help. She upcoming confronts Surge in┬áhis crypt. When he demands to know what he performed, she tells your you to she desires recognize how the guy managed so you can destroy a couple Slayers.

Later, in the Tan, she lies down soil guidelines: in the event that he informs the lady exactly what she desires discover, Surge becomes an excellent wad of money. Although 1st resistant against offering the girl anything helpful, Increase barters together getting a full bowl of hot Buffalo wings, when he does not want to speak towards the an empty tummy. Inside doing this, Buffy unknowingly shows their stab injury, top Increase so you can irritate this lady then. Asked in the event the he is always been which unpleasant, Increase says: “You will find for ages been crappy.”


London, 1880 – One assertion is belied, but not, because of the silent, shy, as an alternative foppish guy Spike used to be – an early on poet named William. Whenever you are on a people basketball, he deals with a love poem, selecting another keyword to possess “gleaming,” however, his incomplete tasks are snatched regarding their hands and study aloud, with the impolite entertainment of one’s boorish audience. William are called “William the Soft” on account of his “bloody dreadful poetry.” You to definitely listener declares he would rather has a railroad increase owing to their head than simply listen to more of William’s poetry.

Brand new poem shows their ideas of like and you can adoration getting an excellent lady. The guy talks into target out-of his affection, Cecily, whom he’s got treasured out of afar. She cannot maintain him of course, if the guy acknowledges the new poem is all about this lady, she denies your, telling your one she feels little for your and therefore he was “beneath” her. William, devastated, will leave the house when you look at the tears, thumping into a group of complete strangers on the street. From inside the an excellent existe barn, he is tearing upwards their like poems, when Drusilla seems ahead of him. She requires exactly what lead him to help you tears and conveniences your by telling your one she notices his greatness and you can value. She promises your a far greater coming of the the lady top, siring your once simply minimal salesmanship.

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